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    LifeInSight BioTherapeutics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established to fund collaborative research designed to optimize treatments for mental illness and substance use disorders. In 2016, a team of elite scientists from some of the most prestigious medical universities in the country formed an alliance to develop such treatments.
    This alliance allows them to more closely collaborate and integrate their research efforts among each of their University’s programs. The collaboration would greatly assist with their research efforts and speed the process of developing treatments, or cures, for these mental health disorders. These Universities have now achieved sufficient scientific and technological advancements to declare that within our lifetime, we will improve treatments for mental health disorders, and the only resources lacking are monies to fund their cooperative research and development. Tags: alzheimer research, cognitive neuroscience, dimentia research, cognitive research, mental health awareness month,brain and behavior research foundation

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    For general inquiries:
    Tony Lewis