By Andy
Published: 5:58 am, July 24, 2010
Updated: 9:49 pm, June 10, 2016

Don't lose Horse Power, Lose Excess Heat...

In the world of modern superbikes & high power thumpers, proper cooling system is a critical science for every owner to know & understand.

To a regular Biker Joe, water or coolant is probably the only component we know and therefore we pay very little attention to it. As we know, for a non-functional cooling system, your bike will lose power, and in some extremes, you'll blow your engine.

The secret to horsepower... is not to lose horse power thru' heat!

The cooling system you have in your machine, is actually a fantastic and complex system that comprises of Coolant as the medium of heat exchange, carrying with them the heat from the engine hot spot and to the radiator which is then transferred to the air, thus it serves the purpose of preventing internal combustion engine from overheating.

The common choice of coolant use in Singapore is Glyco also known as Anti-Freeze (The green or blue liquid). This is an excellent product if you stay in a region where you experience winter and close to freezing temperature. The main purpose of Glyco is to reduce the freezing point of water to below 0 Degree Celsius so that your coolant does not freeze in the winter.

However, here in tropical Singapore, where the sun shine all year long, we do not experience winter hence we do not have to worry about our coolant icing up. With this fact in mind, we realised that Glyco is not exactly serving its purpose here in Singapore, fact remains that Glyco does not help to cool down your engine. What makes it even more interesting is that, the higher the glycol mix in your coolant, the longer it takes to dissipate heat away.

So what makes a good coolant?

Basic Chemistry tells us that pure water (H2O) is the best coolant in removing and transferring heat away, almost 2 times more superior then the regular Glyco-Based coolant so this ideal coolant must have twice the heat transferring capability and doubles the wetting ability of water.


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