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BMC Air Filters

As Motorcycle enthusiasts, we are always looking for different ways to improve the power output of our engines...

One of the fastest and cheapest way to more horse power is to replace the restricted OEM Paper element Air filter with aftermarket ones. Many aftermarket companies now manufacture and offer high performance air filters. Most claim a power gain through increased airflow without compromising filtration. Air filters are designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted airflows, while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life.

BMC Air FiltersLife is full of choices; there are so many different brands, different type of air filters available. You may opt for a free-flowing, low-restriction filter. But this decision usually means poor filtration ability, sacrificing clean air for horsepower. The downside may be shortened engine life due to dirt and grit getting into the engine.

Or you may choose a filter that has very good cleaning capabilities but chokes out a few of those ponies you may have paid dearly to get. So what type of filter should you use? To better answer that question, you have to first understand the advantage and disadvantage to each option.

There are a few different types of filtration elements among the air filters available off the shelves. They come in the form of Paper, Foam or Cotton Gauze.

Paper filters are generally used as OEM Air Filter because they are inexpensive and disposable. Due to its characteristics, good air-flow is sacrificed for good filtration and therefore as a whole is never consider for high performance application.

They look very much like a sponge but are not as dense. These filters offer very good filtration and reasonable airflow. They are washable and are quite durable if reasonable care is used. The downside is that they can be damaged very easily and are prone to tearing if not handled with care.

Cotton Gauze
Cotton Gauze is generally regarded as the best material for air filters because of its excellent filtration and high airflow. This is because the "holes" in cotton are much looser than paper, giving high airflow, but because of characteristics such as interception; impaction, and diffusion, cotton fiber filters can block particles much smaller than the actual "holes." High performance air filters use oiled layers of cotton gauze. Dust particles held suspended in the cotton gauze actually "becomes" part of the filter medium to all the more increase filtration without obstructing airflow to the engine, thereby outlasting paper filters in service life and performance. Although cotton filters are pricey, they can be cleaned and re-oiled at a long service interval.

BMC Air Filters

Since inception in 1973, Italian firm BMC was essentially a motorcycle accessories distributor. In 1995 BMC started producing his own air filters due to an inquiry of F1 air filters from Ferrari Team. BMC air filters are designed and produced by Italian Engineers, from racing air filters in F1, 24 Hour Le Mans to World Superbike Championship, BMC give you the highest performance to be used in extreme conditions. BMC air filters have proved to be the leading product in the category for its quality in material and construction.


BMC air filters are designed and produced to ensure a higher air flow than original paper filters. BMC’s filtering material is composed of a special cotton gauze soaked with low-viscosity oil to give you the best air permeability, minimize the loss of air flow pressure passing through the air filter; this way ensures the best conditions for full exploitation of maximum power. They are made in a single piece with no welded joints in the corners, thus avoiding breakage or risk of leaks. Therefore, the benefits of replacing the original paper filter with a BMC cotton air filter in your motorcycles are evident.

Design and Materials
Qualified engineers using advanced software and expert technicians using the latest technologies produce the BMC air filters. A F.1 air filter, for example, must be very light, must be made of the best materials and must improve performance. For this reason, also for motorcycles filters we use only alloy mesh with epoxy coating to ensure protection from petrol fumes and from oxidization due to the humidity of the air. BMC incorporates parallel pleated cotton fabric and special filter oil to offer flow rates of up to 900 CFM. Let your Engine breath easier and faster with this top-of-the-line air filter from BMC.

Therefore, there isn’t really option to choose from , the choice is pretty much obvious.
BMC Air Filter. If Ben Spies trusted it to campaign for WSBK championship, what about you?

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