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Welcome to XMAX SG! Share information, news and knowledge related to the Yamaha X-Max! Everyone are welcomed to initiate meetups and riding trips!
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  2. using normal tyres somemore!!
  3. who said xmax can't go off road? power this xmax shared by my thai friends.. maybe can outrun my DRZ also..
  4. XMAX SG has grown to become one of the largest and most active motorcycle clubs in Singapore due to the large number of Yamaha XMAX on our roads. Having tons of aftermarket parts and mods also means that there are some very unique XMAX bikes within the club. Thanks to Pro TwoWheeler for sharing these pictures. And also good to see some guys from the recent Chong Aik International Wheels of Love event also taking part in the XMAX SG ride. Good on you guys! Enjoy the pictures! Join the XMAX SG club on SingaporeBikes.com today here!
  5. at least xmax got option for aftermarket exhaust.. guys in the cb150r group have been waitin for a legal exhaust forever and unlikely it is ever coming......
  6. Full system not approved by LTA, only the end-pipes. Are you considering a full system on your bike?
  7. just for looks actually i think it looks very good. i heard from few members in xmax club that it is grey area.. whether pass or not depends on the tester and also if u go viacom or sta so worried la. the more i do research the more i feel like doing but... stress. i saw this titanium setup looks really good but the clamp looks too big
  8. @snsd555 All you need to know about current case on Scooter Narcotics. Of course there are more in the social media site. If you are staying in the East try research AC Motor, Fuel Garage, Gusto.
  9. Scooter Narcotics are commonly spoken I guess. Heard a few times but have not drop by. So far a couple of times, I have been to J's Motor somewhere in the North (woodlands area)
  10. Grey area, i've heard of people passing LTA inspection with naked handlebar setups but also people failing. Do it at your own risk. A complete set can range anywhere from $180-$300+ depending on the material and the add-ons you want on the bar (drinks hook, etc). Carbon ones will be more expensive for sure. Why are you looking at a naked handlebar setup? For looks or for the practicality/usability?
  11. pictures of the exhaust systems: Akrapovic Leo Vince Stainless Steel Leo Vince Black Termignoni
  12. just sharing some research i have done as i am looking to upgrade the stock OEM exhaust on my XMAX 300. not sure if the same list applies to the XMAX 250 / 400, hope other bros here can advise also. if i miss out any exhaust that are approved please feel free to add them below. 1) Akrapovic - ~$1,200 with installation - Stainless Steel with Carbon End Cap 2) Leo Vince - ~$1,300-$1,400 with installation - Stainless Steel with Carbon End Cap - Black Edition with Carbon End Cap 3) Termignoni - ~$1,550 with installation - Full Carbon Fibre anyone else kn
  13. i saw another bro posted his in carbon which looks awesome but carbon is quite brittle right? might be a little dangerous for use in a handlebar due to cracks on impact. if it is safe i will probably do this as i love carbon but safety is more important of course
  14. hii brothers.. am new here. just got myself a 2nd hand xmax. currently condition is totally stock but i am thinking of doing some mods to it. the one that i am very interested in first is the naked handlebar setup that i have seen on some xmax bikes. saw on facebook a few shops providing this service. would like to ask if this is lta legal? and how much will it cost to do a naked handlebar setup? also are there any pros and cons to this setup other than looking very sweet? i saw this pics on fb and i like that the colour can match to the bike
  15. Dam the strobe light at the rear spoilt the looks on Xmax.
  16. Friend from Malaysia sent over this picture, seems like the POLIS over in our neighbouring country has bought a fleet of Yamaha XMAX to be used as their police highway cruisers. Anyone has any news on this? If they're using the XMAX 250 available in Malaysia, i'm not so sure the power would be sufficient to chase down the baddies?
  17. So far have only been back to Hong Long for the 1st service. Labour is free (still need to pay for engine oil) so i'm looking for workshops to go to when servicing is due. Have considered going back to HL but they need appointment and the waiting time is rather long unlike other bike shops where you can just walk in and get your servicing done in half hour. Some friends have recommended Scooter Narcotics, do you have any experience with them?
  18. Where do you do your 1) Minor servicing? i.e Oil change, belt change, interior cleand and lube, etc 2) Major servicing? i.e Valve clearance, timing belt change, etc
  19. For all XMAX owners easy reading and reference. Complete Owner's Manual for the Yamaha XMAX 300 (CZD300-A). 1984971987_XMAX300OwnersManual-SingaporeBikes.com.PDF
  20. With 2A licence, get XMAX! Is about $3k difference.
  21. Shd i buy the nmax 155 or xmax 300? City boy and just gotten a 2a license

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