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  2. Exhausts There are few brands of Street Legal Exhaust for Tmax DX/SX to choose from. All Tmax exhaust are full system due to the stock exhaust system being in one big piece. Akraprovic (Tmax OEM) Termignoni SC Project Arrow
  3. Factory Recalls Firstly I need to apologies that my knowledge is only updated on 2017 DX models as it's the model I am riding.. Currently there's 4 recalls on the Gen 6 model as what I recalled.. ECU Recall (R2019030682) - this recall is fairly simple; go down to Hong Leong to have the ECU reflashed. This recall is to eliminate some engine cut off issues. Drive Belt Recall (R2019030681) - Hong Leong will change a new belt for you... The older belt will wear prematurely. The new belt is improved and can be identified with blue wordings. (see attached photo for reference
  4. CVT/Torque Driver Issues and upgrades Do religiously maintain your CVT as the V belt can break from over usage. Recommended mileage is 20,000km (12,500miles) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most scooters will have the V belt indicators lighted up when the mileage is reached. Before this indicator lighted up, you should have prepare the consumables for your CVT servicing. If you are using stock variator, the following are needed: V belt (Different years will have
  5. Engine Check Light (ECL) issues One of the most common issue is the O2 (Oxygen) Sensor, the other issue will be the wheel sensor. Scenario can reset 1. Forget connect O2 sensor during CVT change 2. O2 sensor dirty (stuck lean) 3. Error reading Scenario cannot reset 1. Broken circuitry (due to heat) 2. Wires broke during CVT change With ECL lighted up, there's no way to go into menu at all for Gen 6 and above models. Not all shops have the diagnostic tool to erase the ECL. Most of the time, the replacement of the O2 sensor will solve the problem
  6. i just done some research.. not just only these differences in visual.. 560 had a better cooling, new engine block with additional water cooling.. Throttle body, manifold, injectors and throttle position sensor are all removeable unlike SX/DX models.. better transmission ratios..
  7. Primary Pulley Greasing Some of you had PM me asking me why should we use the proper grease for our primary pulley.. let me explain in detail.. This Yamaha Grease J is specially formulated for penetration and will turn lower viscosity when heated.. our primary pulley will be very hot once you start rolling.. then will penetrate the gearing teeth to lubricate and remove heat.. the high temp blue grease that most of you think that's working, will not turn into lower viscosity fluid like Grease J during high temperature.. it will just be centrifuged out, thus the blue grease wo
  8. @biting_point arh, now I get it, as I only know 2 version of it. Thanks for sharing
  9. @JJBuBBle no no.. I’m not using the pro.. I’m using the pro racing, it’s the highest spec of the 3 different versions for tmax.. which is limited production and no longer available in the market! the best for my Max..!! Haha Manual says change at 20k km.. EO depends on individual, I personally change EO at 3k km.. so it’s about 7 EO changes to a full cvt belt and rollers change..
  10. @Xmaxer For Xmax manual you can go over to Xmax group for the manual---> Xmax 300 manual
  11. thanks bro for ur input. dunno where i put my manual so i will have to go and find it haha.... im thinking to do 1:3.. every 3 servicing then do the full belt change. hope this will be sufficient. i am not doing delivery or commercial now but i might start part time to pay off bike loan
  12. In general check your Xmax manual. Conditions are also consideration on duration of ride and riding style. For commercial use it will be wise to change earlier due to prolong riding. Still its subjective to individual rider.
  13. hi bros, how often you change your belting for every engine oil change? is it change oil 2x then change belt 1x? or change oil 3x then change belt 1x? i see facebook many workshops saying to chance every 5k whole set like this. is it too excessive?
  14. @biting_point woo.... pro is the best of what you can get version.
  15. Mine is special Pro Racing. Limited production. Only the best for my ride.. haha 560 had a totally different clutch, CVT and engine.. not sure if anyone tried before.. but clutch plates are interchangeable.. in fact, 560 friction plates have over write 530 part numbers as they are the improved version..
  16. @biting_point guess it also depend on how hard the rider ride. So you change to Pro or XRP, what your damage. BTW 530 can change to 560 Clutch system too?
  17. Changed as a set.. belt, rollers and cleaning.. I changed clutch once when I switched to Jcosta housing before my solo Thailand trip. Many tmax had experienced clutch slip thus they changed their clutch plates as early as about 10k plus.. but possible to last quite long as much as 20-30k km.. new clutch plates (560 ones) have more friction plates and comes thicker..
  18. Your is super sport touring scooter, cross 2 board one. btw @biting_pointyou just change the belt or as a sets with pulley and clips. Also, how about your clutch? Seldom see people tok abt it and I have not much info on that too.
  19. On manual is 20k km already changed 3 times on my Tmax.. not yet on Xmax..
  20. @snsd555 Maintenance in general will cost more (bigger cc mah) BUT it all depend on how your ride and take care it. It's a simple bike, In basic, Fully Syn EO change is the regular affair after 8km or 10km for me (max 6 months or 10K), depend on your riding environment condition and how long per ride and how hard you ride, the usual practices apply to all motor. When you ride long enough, you can feel the respond and engine, so just change when needed. Drive belt is expensive as the belting is constructed with metal wires so it's more durable (very durable to my knowledge) 20KM re
  21. Bro @biting_point, how often you change the CVT belt on your XMAX and TMAX?
  22. I never own a chain driven class 2 bike before.. to me, after riding so many years.. I would want a less dirty alternative.. but the drive belt isn’t cheap.. it’s about $300 and if u dun adjust it properly, it will wear out prematurely.. I’ll cover this topic later in the FAQ thread.. but I’ll do a quick breakdown here: Xmax cvt change: about $100 for the vbelt, u clips and rollers. tmax cvt change: about $200 for the same items. I own both Xmax and Tmax.. all I can say is tmax maintenance costs is not just double of Xmax..

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