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  2. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/motorcycle-helmet-psb-safety-standard-sticker-stiffer-penalties-14573102 Motorcycle association urges review of helmet safety standard after stiffer penalties for sellers proposed Personally I feel safer wearing ECE or SNELL certified helmet than cheap PSB approved helmets because premium helmet can do better fit . Most if not all PSB approved helmets that are cheap aren't safe. Majority of these helmets do not provide good cushion fit and during accident, the helmet cannot protect your head properly. Likely the helmet can't stay on your
  3. @Xmaxer Hey man long time no update. Did a coolant flush and using Engine Ice currently , does cool down it quite abit. Now the heat isn't that bad unless its a hot day and lots of traffic. Thanks man!
  4. Ducati’s legendary naked bike - the Ducati Monster, showed up in 1993, a Massimo Tamburini-designed beauty with a steel trellis frame and Ducati’s infamous L-twin on full display. It was a hit, but even with a blue-chip name behind the drawing board, it was a parts-bin special. That, friends, ain’t the case here. The 937cc Testastretta L-twin pushes out 111 ponies to push the new Monster’s insanely lithe 366-pound dry weight. Backing that up is 68.7 pound-feet torque at 6,500 rpm. As is de rigueur with Ducati, it sucks its air and gas through desmodromic valves. Peak power hits at 9
  5. Do you mean TQ? there are easy routes there as well if you are familiar enough, but recently too many big adv bikes riding there, the trail koyak already, try going on drier days, easier without the mud
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  7. Izzit so hard to do a search? So many reviews on yishun industrial. Many are BAD. Kodi nox
  8. Its relatively affordable to maintain. ~SGD$10 for full tank, and you get about 250km (stock) mileage out of it. Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox
  9. Hi there... Would like to know if anyone is scrapping their Gen1 FJR? If you have a fully functional speedometer to sell, pls let me know. Or can text me thru telegram at 98711454. Thank you
  10. If were to be caught... isit on spot or use cctv???

  11. If were to be caught... isit on spot they catch us or use cctv???
  12. bro, if TP want to catch, they can use any reason. u can lose control or balance if using one hand. Consequences are very serious. what if there is vehicle swayed towards u? Moreover driving centre nvr teach one hand riding bike.
  13. Hi GUYS...advice needed... At 12am tdy was returning home using kpe expressway.... then i notice frm a distance tt the road was blocked by a consruction lorry and the workers were setting up the cones... Since the rd was blocked I had to go to the left lane all the way and cross the divider and then continue straight ahead..... At the rear mirror i also saw few cars doing the same (crossing the divider due to rd is blocked for construction) Aftr reaching my home I checked my camcar i notice that there's a electronic board stated 12-5am kpe tunnel closed Must exit now
  14. sharing what I learnt after having to retake my Class 2B gotten my 2B in Jan1995, 2A in Dec1996, 2 in Mar1998, 3 in Nov2002. Those were the days when 16yo can ride!! all my bike licenses was settled at SSDC at AMK. CL3 at CDC, private instructor. Having to lost them all in 2015 was a bad day. Bloody Jaywalkers!!! But Time passes fast. when I am able to retake them again. I saved up and went for it. retook my CL 3 in 2018, passed 1st time, SSDC retook my 2B during Covid19 period. passed 1st time too. SSDC started in Jul 2020, Passed in Feb 2021. the pain of waitin
  15. Not unlike the major Japanese players, Kymco has constantly sought to improve its product offerings to cater to the ever-increasing demands of motorcyclist. Gone are the days that owners just want a no-frills cheap motorcycle to get around but even the entry level models now comes packed with modern technology like ABS, smartphone integration, and many many more! We wrote on the Y-Connect from Yamaha as well as the RoadSync from Honda and today, we bring you the Kymco Noodoe which is now available from all bikes and scooters available from Kymco's exclusive distributor in Singapore
  16. Hi, I just want to clarify so if break even right if i wanna change my bike to another bike, how does it works? my bike is for 5 years so the break even is 2.5yrs then i can go back to the shop to sell my bike and change to another one? thanks in advance ya
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  18. Did you managed to do full overhaul? If yes how much is it? I found f**king metal shavings during my EO change TWICE...
  19. The Singapore Police Force on Tuesday (April 13) warned of a new type of scam targeting delivery personnel from parcel and food delivery companies. As part of the scam, victims would first receive a cash-on-delivery order via their company’s delivery mobile application. Under the pretext of making payment for the delivery, the scammers would then ask for the victims’ mobile phone numbers via the delivery app, claiming that this was to transfer the money to them via PayLah!. PayLah! is an e-payment app used by DBS and POSB banks. The victims would receive a one-time password (OT
  20. Alright, i'll update as well if i find anything! Only recently went to that ONE spot that everyone knows, a little bit tough going solo haha
  21. Wow! Salute man.. Its really not easy.. If the instructor is a pri or sec school teacher, sure kena complaint many many by parents...
  22. They provide servicing for most class 2B, 2a and class 2 bike. Service we provide - Engine oil change - Coolant change - Fork servicing - Tyre replacement - Sprocket Replacement - Valve Clearance And many more. Do drop us a PM for any enquiries or call us at 8783 2882 @ THCycle Motorcycle Repair & Servicing Workshop Singapore https://g.page/thcyclesg?we @ THCycle Motorcycle Repair & Servicing Workshop Singapore https://www.facebook.com/thcyclesg/ https://thcycle-motorcycle-repair-servicing.business.site/?m=true
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