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  5. hi there.. welcome back to Singapore Bike forum.. see your profile been around so long.. great to know that you are trying to get your 2B now.. what bike you looking at? the bike nowadays is a huge difference comparing back then and now.. haha
  6. Time Left: 5 months and 26 days

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    Reg March 2020 / Bike is still under warranty till Mar 2022 Retails at 36k! 11k+ mileage / Desmo 12K Servicing ✔ Just ride off till next servicing! Bike is in immaculate condition! View to believe! Things I've done: Ducati OEM Lower Tapered Handlebar Motovation Front & Rear Sliders Motovation Frame Sliders Evotech Radiator Guard Evotech Oil Guard Evotech Skid Plate DID X-Chain Rizoma Bar Ends Rizoma Bar End Mirrors Dart Classic Flyscreen (Black) - Not installed *Quad Lock not included. **All OEM parts will go to Buyer.

    27,000.00 SGD

    - SG

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  10. Time Left: 5 months and 25 days

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    Machine + Rebate = Total Price $1,800 + $3,500 = $5,300 Buy Now and get a nice double double digit plate number along with it Body Chasis 2UX Coverset 55k Meter Ori Japan Block Y3 size 1.50rxz COE August 2022 (Renewable) [With 3.5k NEA Rebate] Can come view, really like then can nego and straight deal uh https://wa.me/6590706763

    1,800.00 SGD

  11. The all new Shoei Z-8 helmet was announced at the end of 2020 by the top-rated Japanese manufacturer and since then, everyone has been awaiting the release of this successor to the Shoei Z-7. Being one of the two major Japanese-domestic helmet manufacturer (the other being Arai of course), this latest series will be sure to sell out very quickly, and the Shoei Z-8 has been positioned to appeal to a wide range of riders as a perfect everyday full-face helmet. When you think of SHOEI's flagship range of helmets, the current Shoei X-Fourteen probably comes to mind right away - as this is the most hyped helmet from Shoei featuring many pro riders in MotoGP and WSBK. This is the manufacturer's flagship model, with high safety performance and lots of the latest aerodynamics. Complementing the X-series however, is the Z-series which caters to the more everyday rider that is not just looking at all out race performance but instead, also places certain emphasis on comfort, cooling, design, and ease-of-use. The appearance of the all new Z-8is a form that makes you feel sporty, yet has enough ventilation (required for Singapore's roads!), comfort is a high priority, and wind noise is kept to a minimum. Shoei's exclusive Singapore distributor - Chong Aik: Quote "SingaporeBikes.com" when you contact them to let them know we sent you! 34/36 Desker Road, Singapore 209566 +65 6297 2532 9am-6pm | Mon-Fri 9am-5pm | Sat Pricing of the Shoei Z-8 The introductory price of the Shoei Z-8's standard solid color range starts at 56,100 yen. The Shoei Z-7 of the same colour range was 49,500 yen (tax included), which is a price increase of 6,600 yen. Some might feel that a 10% increase in price might be a bit much to stomach, but take note that there are many more new features that come on the Z-8 that was not previously available on the Z-7! Also included in the kit now is a pinlock pins as well as Shoei branded stickers! Local pricing for Singapore is available through Singapore's exclusive Shoei distributor - Chong Aik International Pte Ltd! Please check back in once we get word from the great guys over from Chong Aik for Singapore's pricing. Build Quality and Weight The Z-8 inherits the lightweight and compact development concept of the Z-7. While the lines on the side of the cap have been retained from previous models, the design has evolved to be more sporty. The shell has been rethought for rigidity and is independent of the size of the helmet, so comfort is optimized for each size. Each lid is a separate case model with the exception of XS and XXL so you can be assured of the best fit! The actual weight of the previous flagship of the Z-range, the Shoei Z-7 weight in at 1457 grams. If you're wondering what the weight of the Z-8 is, wait no futher, and of course at no surprise, it comes in lighter than the previous generation at a whooping 1,419 grams. Although the weight savings is only 38 grams, you must take note that this weight savings comes even as a result of a few addition to the new Shoei Z-8 helmet! A lot of new systems have been implemented in the development of the Z-8 such as the fitting that is wrapped around the neck is also thicker, and a new visor knob that has been changed from side to center for easier operation! Design, Efficiency, and Performance As mentioned above, the newly adopted visor lock system improves the adhesion between the shield and cap side when fully closed to minimise external noises that flow into the helmet during your daily commute. The visor lock can also be unlocked by pushing on the lower air intake for easier use of operation! There are also new "Vortex Generators" molded onto the side of the shield which is close to the rider's ear, and it works to reduce noise by suppressing turbulence of running wind. In addition, the cheek pads are an all-new design for the Z-8 and have been updated to wrap around the neck for a more comfortable fit. The improved fit reduces wind penetration through the wearer's neck and significantly improves the level of silence over the Shoei Z-7. Compared to the Z-7, one additional air intake hole has been added. The wind travels around the inside of the helmet through the air route provided in the shock-absorbing liner, providing superior coolness compared to the Z-7 which would be greatly appreciated in a tropical country like Singapore. With all of the above reasons, if you're on the fence and are in the market looking for a new full-face helmet that you can use for everyday riding and safety is your utmost priority, look no further than the Shoei Z-8. Stocks are now available at Chong Aik for you to test and let the guys know we sent you for your special pricing! Shoei Japan Launch Video of the Shoei Z-8:
  12. Hi fellow riders Was wondering if anyone is also looking to buy the latest model of kawasaki z1000sx sport tourer. It doesn't seem to be available in sg at all. No bike shops seem to be interested in bringing it in. Perhaps lacking in interest. Not even the distributor brings it in. Anyone know where else this bike can be purchased/imported? Appreciate any advice. Ride safe stay suave
  13. 93KC


    Hi, are there anyone who can give me your opinion on NC750X if you have ever rode on one before? I am intending to trade in my current 2B (with 6 years left) for an NC750X (with 3 years left). Should I be worried that there will be major defects? Before buying a second hand bike, what are the things you guys look out for? Thanks
  14. Thank you for the reply SBF, luckily there wasnt an incident, but after this happened I did ponder about the rules in events like this, but now I know after you explained with the driving school example given. I appreciate the response.
  15. @r123456, welcome to SBF! According to the TP or according to insurance? They might have differing views as for insurance there is monetary compensation involved. In layman terms however, the highway code dictates that the other rider has the right or way as he is travelling straight along a main road whereas you are making a turn. You are absolutely correct in thinking that a vehicle's signal light should be taken to show his intention but never a confirmation that he is actually executing a turn. Similarly in the driving centres, even if an on-coming vehicle has signaled, you would have to wait until he is actually 45 degrees into the turn before you can make the right turn (in the case of CDC). Good luck and i hope there wasn't actually an incident?
  16. Hello @FraserY, welcome to Singapore! It is almost impossible, if not extremely difficult to import your vehicle into Singapore. Unless it is a classic model, which you can then import under the Classic Registration scheme, you would almost certainly be better off selling your Ducati in Australia and buying another one in Singapore. You can find a price list (albeit a few months old) of the official Ducati Singapore dealer here in Singapore located in the thread below: The current Monster 950 is retailing for S$39,800. If you do swing by, mentioned SingaporeBikes.com and i'm sure the guys there will take good care of you!
  17. Hi all, Its my first post here. Just looking for some opinions. I was at a discretionary right turn T junction at hougang street 52/hougang ave 8 just now, there was a motorcycle with his left turn signal on approaching the junction, i was under the impression that he wanted to turn left into hougang street 52, so i proceeded to move off to turn right into hougang street 52 too, at the last minute he cancelled the signal and proceeded straight instead of turning into st 52, resulting in me jam breaking. i understand that on my end, i could have not assumed that he was going to turn left even though he signalled left, but in the event of a collision, who would be at fault?
  18. Fellow Ducati riders...... I am moving to Singapore in the next 6 months (with any luck). I am contemplating importing my Ducati Monster 659 from Australia but it looks very complicated. I am finding it difficult to find prices for a Ducati Monster in Singapore. I have found a dealer but prices seem a bit of a mystery on the web at least. Any advice appreciated.
  19. @adesmond2 - HAHAHA true that! but still can then 2! hahahaha
  20. Hey, I'm 36 female and also just enrolled for my class 2B! I started taking my class 2b way back in 2007 but stopped after I fell off the bike during the crank course and dislocated my shoulder. Don't let it get to you. Take the failures in your stride. Let's both get class 2b,2a and 2 together then we can form a aunties riding club! Woo~!
  21. Having owned a pulsar ns200, I gave a walkthrough and review on the bike. This is for those who are considering this model or wants to find out more about the pulsar ns200. I have her for 8months now and done about 10,000kms so far. This bike is definitely affordable in the class 2b category and I would say her looks aren’t half bad. She is 5 years old and have only given me minor problems, no issue with the engine. Hope this video helps u in deciding whether to get one or not
  22. Here's my personal experience and quick review of the Cardo PackTalk Black Special edition. I am impressed by its ambient wind sound cancellation. (Promotion code included!) Helmet used with Cardo PackTalk Black: Carberg Modus Airbrush Artwork by this awesome Artist on my helmet: https://www.instagram.com/tbrndesigns/ Cardo Pack Talk Black Special Edition https://www.chongaik.com.sg/home/444-cardo-microphone-sponge-small-hybrid.html
  23. Choose the CHOICE OF THE CHAMPIONS - BMC Air Filters! The top choice for top quality air filters for Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and other various bike models! BMC Air Filters also available for other models! Interested in being a WHOLESALER? Contact us at +65 6297 1059 now! Send us a message for any enquiries! Purchase from us, the SOLE AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR of #BMC Air Filters and get 2-YEAR WARRANTY! Make the right choice and choose #BMC Air Filters to make the most out of your motorcycle with these key benefits: Wider Filtering Area: Maximum air permeability and higher air flow passage. This means better mileage and fuel efficiency. Greater Retention and Screening: 95.5% air filtration. BMC air filter guarantees the containment of impurities as small as 7 micron. Better Performances: Increase the power and the performance of your engine. Severe Test Activity: BMC carries out filtration tests in reference to the international standards for filtering (ISO 5011). The Choice of Champions: BMC has equipped some of the most important teams in Formula 1, Le Mans, Moto GP, and World Superbike. Made of Cotton: BMC air filter, made of natural cotton, can be washed, re-oiled, and reused. It lasts for the whole life of your vehicle, reduce environmental waste and let you save money. Visit us at: Replacement Parts & Tyres 34/36 Desker Road, Singapore 209566 +65 6297 2532 9am-6pm | Mon-Fri 9am-5pm | Sat
  24. The MOST MOST important is slow down, refreshment stop and Fuel.. Slow down hand sign is the most important, the rest can stop and discuss.. Slow down hand sign Signal left or hazard light on, hand sign out, check mirror make sure at least 1 person behind you is doing the same then slowly come to a stop. Need Fuel (Fuel light on) low fuel. Make your hand into a gun, point to your fuel tank. Refreshment stop Point to your head, this mean, next R&R stop. Picture credits to Hero MotoCorp Trinidad and Tobago from FB.
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