With effect from 24th July 2006 (Monday), the following guidelines for Sportsbikes section will apply (but not restricted to):

1. Immediate closure of thread in the following instances:

a) Racism/Anti-religion
b) Flame-baiting threads
c) Defamation against any party
d) Repeated thread
e) Query/question where the answer has been obtained
f) Duplicated threads (e.g. R1, 06R1, 05R1, 04R1, 04R1, 03R1, 02R1, 01R1 etc)
g) TCSS threads
h) Post clocking threads
i) Non sportsbikes related topics
j) New but irrevelant postings in threads started before 2006

2. Trashing of thread in the following instances:

a) Reference or referals to any other external bike forums
b) Spam and/or unauthorized advertising

3. The moderators reserve the right to edit the following:

a) Inappropriate thread topics
b) Substitution of profanaties with suitable words

First release: 19th July 2006
First revision: 20th July 2006

Above list is by no means exhaustive and is subjected to changes without prior notice. In most cases, the moderators' decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

If a thread is deemed to be closed/deleted in error, kindly send a private message to enfant, HONG and ravenSP.