House Rules

New Members are advice to read before posting in Beyond the screen section

For new Member in forum. Click here: Responsibility in Forum

'Beyond the screen' are Moderate by : issac_chan, ravenSP, arjen.
Do not hesitate to contact them.

If you are creating a new topic , please ensure the header & detail is/are clear to general view.

Try not to repeat similar thread within the same page.

Mass Order (MO), Spam (Links), Advertising Sale(Commercial or Personal Benefit), Flood (Post clocking & Off Topic), Flaming is strictly not allowed. Action will be base on the topic & situation.

1. Immediate closure of thread in the following instances:

a) Racism/Anti-religion
b) Post Clocking Thread
c) Threads which glorify post-clocking/TCSSing
d) Threads asking an individual to enter
e) Defamation against any party
f) Repeated thread
g) Thread topic contains nicks of SBF members
h) Query/question where is unrealistic
i) Threads containing sensitive or classified information
j) Anti-govern-ment contents
k) Greetings (Good morning/afternoon/night/Hi/Hello etc) (Existing will remains)
l) Flame wars
m) Duplicated thread (e.g. Kulai Outing, Kulai Nasi Lemak etc)
n) Threads that have not be active for some time (No outings at all for >2weeks)

2. Moderators Action & Forums Regulation

a) The moderator reserved the right to Move/ Lock/ Edit/ Delete, if post are found to have contain vulgarity, improper language/ sentence or picture used or involve content against any race/ gender or any other whom is not involve in a situation.

Warning will be given, if you violet it again after the warning, penalty will be issue.
If you have received PM from moderator, it’s a reply for his/ her action or advice.

If you found that the moderators are abusing their right given, please feedback to the other section moderator, there after if no action or reply, u may wish to feedback to the administrators, the moderator too have to face the consequences for their action.

3) Design of your Avatar & Signature. ****IMPT ***

Member whom are posting in 'Beyond the screen' are reminded to take note of their Avatar & Signature.

Pornography or inappropriate pictures are not allowed in this section.
If you are not an advertiser of SBF, you are not allow to mislead the public in advertisting using your avatar or signature.

The Moderator reserved the right to edit or remove the post or link without notification.

Sample of Signature Sizes as follows (this include Picture and/ or Text)

This Forum is used for exchange information and communication, please do not abuse the right given to you as this forum is non chargeable.
The moderator may not be able to monitor everything, due to high traffic flow, any issed arise you can help by feedback via PM to inform the moderator of any house break.

Thank you for your assistance & hope you enjoy yourself here in Beyond the screen

a) Information given in this thread may change without Prior Notices.
b) All information & links provided in this thread are only for your references & guide
c) Please do not POST here, as it will be deleted. Thank You.