Greeting all,

Here are some highlight when riding with the KNIGHTS.

In the big family of Phantom knights, we emphasize alot of defensive/safe riding.
Some of our Phantom riders are new riders on the road, Whom might not rode in a convoy group before. We'll glad to impart courtesy road practice, proper convoy formation and to cultivate good riding habits that last a lifetime.
Regardless you are a old timer or a new rider, I hope you'll just spare a few minutes reading up this to prepare yourself to ride with the KNIGHTs.

A guideline when riding with the Knights. ( I know its a hassle and tiring to read on long writeup , so I just keep it short and sweet )

1) Courteous Counts - Interact more,Smile,Say Hi !

2) Punctuality - Wont be nice to let the whole group to wait for one. If you gonna be late, do inform in advance with at least a sms!

3) Follow the Traffic rules and Regulation - Do not feel pressure, Do not speed, We will WAIT in all scenerio.

4) No stunts and indecent act! - We aint clown isnt it ?

5) Always in protectective Gear- Not in your pyjamas or marketing attire!

6) Keep in staggered formation and never to overtake unnecessarily especially overtaking lead bike. Always signal your intention. MORE INFORMATION HERE

7) Lost - If you are lost, call or msg someone. might not be immediately. wait patiently for call for direction to regroup.

8) Remember, there is no GLORY if you crash . Ride Safe. We are here to enjoy our ride, to learn and share.

To be Updated .