About us “the group”:
We are not a club, not an organization and not a company
We have neither committee nor chairman
We are not into politics and we don’t even have a group name
We are non profitable. No subscription & no membership fee
We are more like a union looking after our own welfares
We are riders, like you looking forwards to any kinds of riding events
We evolved, because there are not enough events for us
We evolved also because we need to unite riders from different groups
We need to help ourselves find more events
So, we eventually ended up coordinating our own activities
We enjoy all kinds of events and we welcome all like minds to join us
We are not bias to any clubs, website or event companies
We are friends of SMSA, MSSC, web-sites, event-companies and all bike-shops
We acknowledge their hard work and contribution towards our motor-sport scene.
Many of us are still current registered members of both SMSA and MSSC.

Our Objective:
We understand that organizing races and events are hard work and not much money to be made.
Eventually after putting in so much work, event may NOT even go on due to insufficient participants.
It’s very disappointing for organizers.
Current work flow
(Their Formula = Organizer Create SUPPLY then look for DEMAND):
Organizer will look for sponsors, then look for venue and coordinate everything else
THEN finally they will wait for riders to come forward.

In our view, we dream of a different approach.
We feel that RIDERS are actually the MOST IMPORTANT part of the equation.
Why do we come last in the formula?
Therefore, we proposed a change in work flow:
(New= we will now create DEMAND first, then SUPPLY will follow)

We are forming up as a self supported riders group. No subscription, no membership.
Just like a family looking after welfare of our other family member.
We will hold a database of the contacts of all willing riders.
We will coordinate with all the READY-TO-GO riders before we approach Clubs and association to ask for a place to ride.

The logic as to why this approach should work:
There is no reason why event organizer/club/association should reject us if we have a pool of 50+s ready-to-go riders.
In addition to that, with the amount of supportive riders we have,
we now have the bargaining power to decide how much we want to pay for
each events without letting the organizer lose their interest.

Our Finance:
At every event, we will spell out all expenditures
We will try to keep the cost of riding/racing low.
At the end of the event, If we lose money, We’ll find sponsors to top it up.
If we have remaining money, it will be donated to charities.
We aim to use the entire funds collected at EACH event.
We will NOT keep any money to bring forward to next event.
Keep the finance portion CLEAN

Our Events:
All coordinators and helper are riders too.
We have no pay and no agenda.
Our only objective is to RIDE
We have ideas of how we can make an event fun
But, you are riders too ? You have ideas?
Bring it on so your idea can benefit all of us as a group.
We have NO rules and regulations to follow.
Let us know what you want, and we’ll TRY to make it happen!
Nothing else is more important

Please give us your support

Robin Lim (On behalf of the “group”)