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Thread: Request Sale Section Regulations

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    Default Request Sale Section Regulations

    Dear Members,

    This section is created to assist all our forumers to find what they need faster in a focus section within Garage Sale section.

    Posting of direct sale within this section is NOT ALLOWED and will be removed. Forumer posting a WTB, WTT, Looking for... thread are to update in the followup thread created for those completed transaction so as to keep this section neat.

    Some advices we like to emphasis are as follows;-
    • Refrain from posting unconstructive comment
    • Practise basic courtesy and respect for the threadstarter's sale
    • Agreement are between the buyer & seller, will not interfere. However, moderator(s) will step in when neccessary
    • Commercial Sale thread is not allowed
    P/S : We would also like to seek forumer assistance by reporting any duplicate sale thread for us to act on it. Thanks.

    Please post in THIS THREAD once you have sold/found your bike. The moderators will normally close the thread within 24 hours.

    Please DO NOT Spam the moderators' PM inbox with requests to close threads. You are strongly encouraged to do so in the link mentioned above.

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