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Thread: Latest News Section Rules & Regulations

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    Post Latest News Section Rules & Regulations

    With effect from 25th November 2007 (Sunday), the following guidelines for Latest News Section will apply (but not restricted to):

    1. Immediate closure of threads in the following instances :

    a) Repeated news threads

    b) Threads where the discussion have degenerated to flame wars

    c) Threads where the discussion has veered way off topic

    d) Threads that are opened by banned/suspended members using clone accounts

    e) Threads that contained copyrighted materials.

    2. Thrashing of threads in the following instances :

    a) News threads which are inactive for 3 months (news no longer latest)

    b) News threads on religions where insensitive comments have been made or insinuated

    c) News threads where racial slurs and prejudice comments are made

    3) The moderators reserve the right to edit the following :

    a) Inappropriate thread topics

    b) Substitution of expletives with appropriate words

    c) Deletion of posts by banned/suspended members using clone accounts

    d) Thrashing of posts deemed to be off topic

    e) Moving of news posts to the appropriate thread

    f) Merging of news threads according to subject matter

    g) Merging of multiple posts one after the other by the same member into one post

    4) Forum Etiquette

    a) Be respectful to forum members at all times (no blatant flaming or vulgar language is allowed and will NOT BE TOLERATED)

    b) Everyone's opinion in here is accepted as long as they express their opinions in a respectful manner

    c) Pictures accompanying news reports should not be too large. If they are, kindly compress and make them smaller

    d) Heated debates are welcomed as long as they do not degenerate to name calling, insults, etc

    e) Do not quote the whole news posted. Only quote the context you want to comment on.

    f) Before opening a new thread, do make a search using the search function to ensure that the news have not been posted before so as to avoid repeated threads

    g) Do post follow up news according to the existing news thread of the same subject matter. There is no need to open up new threads if such a thread already exists.

    h) Kindly PM the mods should you come across any repeated news posts

    The above list is by no means exhaustive and is subjected to changes without prior notice. In MOST cases, the moderators' decision is FINAL and no correspondence will be entertained.

    If a thread is deemed to be closed/deleted in error, kindly send a private message to Aie, myusha and who_noe.

    ALL members' cooperation in these matters are much appreciated.
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