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    Default <CMO> IT Products & Services

    2010-12-11 - New Product: Apple iPhone & iPad SIM Card Ejecting Pin

    Quality IT Products & Services available to members of at reasonable prices!
    Hardware, software & networking services, consultancy and maintenance contracts for both Home & SMB (Small/Medium Businesses) are available.

    *** Products ***

    - Brand New QUALITY PCs/Laptops (customized subject to your budget & needs)

    - Pre-owned PCs/Laptops (Subject to availability)

    - HTPC (Home Theater PC) for your living room.

    - Hardware Upgrades - Need a faster system for the latest blazing games? Fret not! I specialise in gaming systems!

    - Upgrade & Refurbishment - Refurbish & upgrade your existing PCs, laptops and home/business network hardware & infrastructure.

    *** Solutions ***

    - IT maintenance - Keeping your IT infrastructure working properly will save your company big money in the long term, not to mention higher efficiency of your company, making your customers more satisfied! It also allows your company to focus on it's core business instead of worrying about things which do not generate revenue for the company.

    - Technology Integration - Integration of technology at home or in your office.

    - Network Design & Setup - Buying a new home? Faced with a tricky situation where you require access to your home network but you are unable to?

    - Ethical Hacking - Have a network @ Home or in the office? Your network may not be secure! Ethical hacking services provided to ensure that your network & data is secure!

    - Disaster Recovery - Disaster Recovery. Being unprepared for disasters will cost you way more than if you have prepared for it! Article

    - Commercial Internet Services - Latest business ADSL/SDSL/Ethernet/Fiber/Leased line promotions. PM me with service address and requirements for a quote!

    - Business Mobile Services - Latest Mobile phone plans/offers for your business!

    *** Services ***

    - Software setup & troubleshooting

    - Virus / trojan / spyware / root kit cleaning - Having a pesky virus? Virus Buster in the house.

    - Data Recovery - Formatted your hard drive by accident? Having problems reading your data? Fret not!

    - Technology Integration - Integration of technology at home or in your office.

    - Network Diagnostics & Solutions - Having router / internet / network / wireless problems? I can help!

    - Network Design & Setup - Buying a new home? Faced with a tricky situation where you require access to your home network but you are unable to?

    - More!

    Getting rid of your old PC/laptop? Disposal services are offered to you at no cost!

    Please note that although the goods & services provided may not be the cheapest on the market (yes i know there are many adverts for cheap parts and services), you can rest assured that they are of the best quality available (for components) and of high standards (setup services and methods) compared to most other similar services.

    I will constantly source for the best VALUE FOR MONEY deals for you!

    Services will be rendered by experienced technician with a track record of IT systems management on a large scale, so no worries about a fly-by-night technician "trying" to solve your IT problems.

    For enquiries: please PM me using this link or E-Mail support at with PM title "IT Services"
    Do leave behind your contact for speedy service.


    Testimonials from some of my customers (Many are repeat customers):

    Quote Originally Posted by kmax View Post
    thanks palmer for fixing my crap-top... i mean laptop..

    Quote Originally Posted by Kazky View Post
    Great job Palmer!! now my PC running healthy again eventhough abit slow due to my ram but its ok. Im back surfing the net now haha!!
    Will contact u again when help or upgrades needed ok.

    Quote Originally Posted by warrior.c.o.n.p View Post
    now my pc is back to normal after spending 5 mths B.S.O.D. the result was great. Thnks to bro Palmer.. U Rock \m/... at last i hv someone who i can trust to diagnosed my pc problem. Upz for ur M.O

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyanide14 View Post
    Just collected my harddisk from Palmer for data recovery.
    It was simply a job well done and Palmer went thru all the trouble to help me get a new HDD casing.
    Excellent service!

    Quote Originally Posted by mich View Post
    wow, seems like all of the comments hv been posted, bro palmer really did a good job and advice given even when i ask so many questions..haha...anyway, bottom line is, really appreciate for the good service and advice rendered.
    thumbs up for you bro!!

    Quote Originally Posted by TooToo`7 View Post
    Thanks for delivering the CPU to my place and also ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlurLing View Post
    sounds like my lappie. it died on me last wk(or de wk b4), and palmer helped me to figure it out. terrible situation. but its a 4 yrs old lappie. cant expect much.
    up for de service. lappie feels wierd with de new layout. and and, i dun nid to cook egg anymore. used to heat up until like dunno wad, i can literally cook a egg on it. and of cos, not forgetting all those funking sound its making. nows, its quiet, and can barely cook de egg.
    thanks for de patience, despite me nagging every other day on de progess. i know i v irritating ;x

    Quote Originally Posted by TooToo`7 View Post
    Just collected back my laptop. Excellent.. couldn't be better after the format and upgrade.
    Thumbs up for doing the stress test to ensure everything is running smoothly.

    Quote Originally Posted by B.e.n.s.o.n View Post
    yeah.... UPZ for Palmer!!! Had my cpu fixed by him recently and woah!
    wanted to upgrade my com in my way but palmer here do really gave his professional point of view and wow!!! my cpu is working better than expected. Efficiency up to standard. A professional guy who u can trust your com with!!!
    Well done Palmer!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Murphy View Post
    upz for a IT spec in IT industry...this is very gd for all Bikers in SBF

    Quote Originally Posted by redbeacon View Post
    That'll be a boon for us bikers.
    The very first in a non I.T. related forum. Value-added service indeed

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