A flawed system that has made a "last minute" mistake, plus an extremely lenient penalty -- is the system making drivers more complacent road commuters? Also, added to the fact that most of them themselves think car insurance and the ability to make damage claims are sorry excuses to be bolder on the road?

You've got my name on the list too, brother![indent]I've read the posts on motorcycling safety and thank the efforts of all bikers who try to make our safety a priority.

However am i the only one who thinks this is all for nothing when the law does not protect motorcylists? I am referring to the infamous sin min editor who had her sentence reduced to 1 day's jail for killing a pillion rider and permanently maiming the rider. what kind of a message does that send out? that our lives are not worth protecting? if i did not read incorrectly it also does not mention if her 10 year ban from driving was upheld. so does this mean she's free to drive again? and is SPH still employing her, a dangerous and reckless driver?

I would like to write in to the media with some support from bikers here, for those who have lost friends and relatives to drivers like this and also to highlight the injustice in this case.i am sick and tired of being at the mercy of these road killers. kindly attached your names below. thank you.

1. Roy Lim
2. Derick Tay (helped a biker who kanna hit and run, to date, the driver have yet to be caught)
3. Darren Soh (juz wana show my support)
4. Bernardk (i dun see justice at all too)
5. Andy Li
6. Redzuan (Where's the equality)
7. Patrick ( Its time we voice out)
8. Isaac Ng (Kena hit & run 2008 feb at hougang)
9. JackOHJack - Jackson (If rich fug on bike and van driver "careless", sure driver kenna!)
10. Zongren (Its unfair to the rider, if the rider was a goldwing rider and a lawyer. the SPH lady probably would have been a bankrupt)
11. Chen Yang (They should have told her to take her appeal and shove it)
12. Nelson Chua
13. Shawn Tai
14. Elizabeth Tay
15. Kenneth Cheok (If the m'cyclist was an expatriate on a Ducati, the outcome would have been very much different)
16.AJ(ahh...who gives a fuk about my real name..and i don't give a fuk about the law)
17. Suan Heng (Please request for the Judge's deliberation document to be released in full and posted in a thread on SBF so that bikers can come to a judgement themselves)
18. Ree ( you think you run over a cat/dog huh?!, who knows rider feed the whole family for a living..)
19. Debbie Boey (I hate kayu female drivers, dunno where they wana go, what they wana do and when they wana do it.)
20. Warren Tuan
21. Chris Chua (The first accident i saw was the one on PIE, where a drunkard ran onto the expressway, and in the end caused the death of a rider.. we are already so vulnerable, yet so exploited...)
22. Mervyn Lee (Its time our collective voices ring loud and clear in all corners of our island)
23) Asy'ari (Support the cause)
24) Steven Tan ( V For Vendetta)
25) Alan Tay ( are the authorities doing their best to protect everyone??? )
26) Andrew Ang (farking hell...1 day jail n $2000 fine..telling drivers tat causing death by negligience not serious?)
27) Gurcharan Singh (her F...ing recklesness, a fellow rider dies, and sentence is lighter then ill treating a cat)
28) Jordan ho ( its like saying all rich people/white horses serve 1 day NS and we all LLST?)
29) Jason Lim (Does a motorcyclist's/pillion's life worth so little?)
30) Yuan (does she have something with the judge?)
31) Clarence Lye (is this gonna work?)
32) Armofpeace (anything for a good cause and also for all of the bikers here in Singapore)
33) Simon Tay