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Thread: About BMC Air Filter

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    Default About BMC Air Filter

    BMC Air Filter

    From high-end performance parts to everyday necessities

    BMC is located in Bologna, alongside the most important racing and competition houses for which it has supplied and developed the best air filter systems available on the market. This had been proven by the success obtained in the most prestigious motor-competitions.

    BMC air filters are designed to produce a higher airflow than the stock paper filter. BMC's cotton filters minimize the loss of airflow pressure passing through the air filter and assist in creating the best conditions for maximum power. They are made in a single piece with no welded joints in the corners, thus avoiding breakage or risk of leaks.

    BMC sport air filters are a brenchmark product in the category for performance, reliability and constructive quality. BMC came a long way through gaining experience from Formula 1 and the continuous research of new solutions to enhance air permeability without undermining reliability. In fact, the air filter has the most difficult task of protecting the engine from the outside elements such as oil and many other debris that may enter into it, but at the same time, it has to allow maximum air flow in order not to restrict performance.

    Flow better, feel better..

    Uncompromised air filters designed for superior armoured protection against dirt while giving maximum air flow for optimum performance.

    BMC filters brings a new generation of filtering to the streets.

    Install one now and feel the difference. Made in Italy.
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