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Thread: ***** Premium High Quality Custom Desktop Systems *****

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    Default ***** Premium High Quality Custom Desktop Systems *****

    ***** Premium Quality Customised Systems *****

    Please take note: These systems are custom built completely out of quality components to our strict specifications. No cost cutting inferior parts here!
    For really cheap (but lousy systems), this is the wrong place.
    I have seen too many customers come to me with their very problematic systems that they bought CHEAP from other sources, then having to endure endless frustration, problems and extra money spent for repairs which ends up being more expensive than a well built system.

    Each individual unit has components which have been cherry picked and will be fully load tested for at least 24 hours before we certify the unit fit to be delivered to the customer.
    We have had less than 1% failure rate for the systems set up out of the many hundreds of systems built!

    Why buy from us when there are other cheaper PC prices out there?
    - The systems are reliable enough that even the staff of my corporate clients which we have sold systems to, come to us for their personal systems.
    - Everything is taken care of, from specifying and cherry picking components, professional hardware assembly, software installation and optimizations, full systems testing. All you have to do after purchase of these systems? Use em!
    - Delivery to your residence/office and final system setup in your premises. (Within Mainland Singapore)
    - No more frustration from frequent breakdowns and problems!
    - No time and effort wastage to carry down your problematic PCs purchased from other sources as systems were fully tested before being delivered to you.
    - Enjoy attractive Discounts on services.

    What do you get for your money spent?
    1. We look for the best quality hardware at the particular price point, giving you the best price to performance ratio. We pick what works most efficiently quietly, not what makes us the most profit margins.
    2. Each system's cooling components are carefully stripped down, cleaned and a layer of premium high performance thermal paste is applied, making your system work cooler by up to 20 degrees!
    3. The components are then professionally assembled into the casing, while proper cable management keeps airflow clear and keeps things neat.
    4. The operating system of your choice is then installed and the proper suitable drivers installed.
    5. Here comes the most important part, your operating system is then carefully tweaked, increasing performance and response speeds by up to 40%!
    6. Each almost completed system is then tested for at least 24 hours at full load, ensuring that nothing goes wrong with your spanking new computer. If it fails the barrage of tests we throw at it, the building process is started all over again with new components.
    7. The completed system will be delivered to it's owner at his/her residence or office. This includes setting up the system at the premises.

    These systems have been specially designed and constructed to be:
    - Lower total cost of ownership throughout the lifespan of the computer.
    - Lower long term maintenance costs
    - Speedy
    - Reliable (Quality Hardware and testing)
    - Power (Lower electricity bills)
    - Thermally efficient (Less heat generated)
    - Quiet

    INTEL Core i3 Basic Combo

    INTEL Core i3 Basic Desktop
    Date: 2011-05-20

    CPU: Intel Core i3 2100 3.10Ghz Dual Core
    Mainboard: Quality mainboard featuring Japanese Solid Capacitors for hardcore durability.
    - Up to 8GB RAM
    - 4 x SATA II ports
    - 8 USB ports
    - 2 USB 3.0 Ports
    - Fast USB Charging feature for iPhones, iPads and other devices which use USB for charging.
    - Gigabit Ethernet LAN
    - Graphics: Intel HD 2000 Graphics
    - Audio: 7.1 channel HD Audio
    RAM: 4 GB DDR3 1333
    Hard Drive: 500GB SATA II
    Optical Drive: 22x DVD-RW SATA II
    Casing: mATX Slim form factor (32.3cm x 14.0cm x 17.6cm) casing built from Quality Japanese steel
    Power Supply: Server Grade Industrial slim form factor power supply
    Operating System: MICROSOFT Windows 7 Home Premium
    Office Suite: None. (MICROSOFT Office can be included at additional cost)
    Anti-Virus: None.

    CPU Unit Only: S$995

    LCD: Premium 19" Wide screen LED (1366 x 768)
    Keyboard: Logitech
    Mouse: Logitech
    Speakers: 2.0 audio speakers (Upgrades available at additional cost)

    Complete Set: S$1,199
    (CPU Unit, LCD, Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker)

    FREE UPGRADES! (Promo till 30th June 2011)
    - FREE 3M Microfiber Cloth x 01
    - FREE Delivery (Within Mainland Singapore)
    - FREE One time On-Site setup and configuration
    - FREE Anti-Virus Suite
    - Discounted rates for future upgrades/services


    Units without Monitor, Speakers, Keyboard & mouse also available.
    Please PM me with title "IT Services - New PC" or e-mail for details.[/QUOTE]
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