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Advice as to the costs?

I recently enrolled on 3 Nov at BBDC, and the minimum costs are as follow:

Enrolment $70.55

Riding Theory Lesson $17.12

Practice 1.01-3.01 $28.89 x 3 (or $33.17 if peak hour)

TP Test $79.01

=> You should be looking at $250 if you do not wish to go for any revision. While I cleared all my practicals on first attempt, I will be going for 3 Revision sessions (once per day, for three days before my TP on 30 Nov) as I have not rode since 2B.

So my costs for 2A is of or about $350.

In summary, minimum costs is $250 thereabout. Additional costs would be: peak hour surcharges, locker fees, circuit revision and repeat of any practicals.
Bro, post was in March, and he likely took his 2A in June already... LOL