As per caption, any other users here?

Or is this section as good as dead?

Cant wait for Sony to roll out ICS update since Gingerbread is as good as yesterday..

Been using the phone for a week now, can say its pretty quite user friendly, as I used a X10i previously, except to adapt to the Back and Menu button location change.

Not laggy or no FC on apps at the moment. Screen moves fast all the time when in use.
Camera's good and with 3D option also.

Only cons that most ppl may note:
-It has no external expendable memory, but they give it 32GB internal memory;

-Built in battery, need to charge +/- 30mins for 1st time in order to power on and to check if the phone's working fine.

-Using Micro-SIM card, which will be a challenge to me as I'll need to find an adapter so can use the SIM card for non-cam phone when going ICT...

-The flap to open in order to access to the charging port, IMO, its fragile...

Any other comments anyone?