Hi all, just sharing my experience.
Got my hands on a cracked fairing, so thought I'll attempt a quick d.i.y.
Since I got no repair kit, I just sent the fairing to be repaired @ a shop.

Image below is after fiberglass resin repair (or whatever its called)


Shop charged me $35 for their services. Quick job, collected around 3 hours after leaving it there.
Frankly, I was a little disappointed. The finish wasn't sanded. Requested shop to use their machine
to sand down the repair area for a smooth surface (takes under 2 mins), but shop claimed they have no equip to do so.
Mentioned that it's the job of spray shop to putty, sand & spray.

However, shop did it's primary job. Repair the fairing and inserted the metal linings and enforcers where needed.
Upon closer inspection, noticed that resin was uneven with some thick blotched patches. Nothing wrong, just means that the guy could had definitely done a better job if he wanted to.

Headed off to buy sandpaper & shiny black spray paint. Total $7.50
In this case, no putty involved, just sand and spray on the resin.
(rough sandpaper to wear down the unevenness, smooth sandpaper for fine finish)


Since I only planned for a quick d.i.y, didn't bother to respray whole fairing, just the damaged area.
This will of course end up with color tone difference, but what the heck
Proceeded to wrap the fairing (parts I plan to leave untouched) with newspaper and masking tape.
Remember to use marking tape to outline the spray area and make sure it's straight and aligned to what you want.


Taping done. Next is sanding. Wanted a quick job, so no wet sanding (<- water + sandpaper = less effort)
Cursed multiple times at this stage lol. The uneven finish of the repair gave me additional work.
Also found out areas (resin) that should be thick were thin and vice versa. Again, guy could have done a better job
if he wanted to.
Done after 10-15mins. No pic here, but my arms were screaming so I gave up and settled for a 'semi-decent' job.

Next stage, the fun part! Spraying!!
Note that this is the Hardest Part!
If you're terrible in Arts & Craft / D & T (underlined = area of expertise needed)
Please get someone to do it for you. (I got my colleague to do it for me ha ha)

Applied multiple layers of paint, leave it dry under sun for 10-15mins and reapplied a few more coats.


Cont next post.