Well, it happened to me.

Let me share this with my fellow riders so u can be weary of some repairman... I don't think it's the shop policy. But some of these Xxxyyy... Do want more work so they get More commission or something.

Same shop at different locations gave me 2 bad impressions.

1. First in time. Thought just change oil at a nearby place... So happen this shop just open and has many pits. Just change oil how bad can it be right? So there... The people or many people working on one oil servicing were all smoking their cigarette when changing my oil... Fine... Never mind. Next thing I know the tech told me my front brake pad left 50% and need to change... Well surprise! I just changed the pads 4 weeks ago and this was my 1000km servicing!!! Doh.... After that silence.

2. Thought maybe this shop is new... So after another 1000km try another of its branch... Again just want to change oil... Went inside the shop to look at some parts... Maybe can find something... Well big mistake. Cause never look at the person service the bike... After taking the bike ... Felt something strange when changing gear... Didn't think much...until reach the traffic light... Suddenly cannot go into 1st gear... Ride to a save place to see what's wrong... Wow! The bolts of the gear lever is loose! And excuse me! Call me nuts but I actually do weekly inspection of all the critical parts of the bike so I know it cannot be loosen unless its tampered with... Managed to tighten the bolts with my finger until I reach a friend's place to borrow some tools to really tighten it back... yeah with my finger tight it can last a good 30 mins ride...

Sad to say.... I think this company has a good idea about how to setup a good workshop space... But the people they hire should be more responsible and not try to do stupid things like this and bring the company name down. It's sick to think these people working here are doing tis and some accidents out there may be caused by their irresponsible work ethics.

Needless to say... I'm never going back to them. Btw any bros know where to dispose of the engine oil properly in sg? Please pm me.