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Thread: <CMO> EPS Portable Battery Jumpstarter Kit (Small sized suitable for bike storage)

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    Thumbs up <CMO> EPS Portable Battery Jumpstarter Kit (Small sized suitable for bike storage)

    Dear members,

    Ever faced problems when you have not rode your bike for a week and the battery drained out?

    Your options when that happened are:
    1. Get a tow truck @ $30
    2. Ask your friend to come over to help you jumpstart with his bike battery. Bring jumpstart cable along and that's $20.
    3. Push Start?? (why sweat it out?)
    4. Have 1 set of our portable battery jumpstarter that acts as your daily portable USB charger for phone and also acts as your emergency bike jumpstarter!

    Demo of a T-Max 500 cranking start

    There are many jumpstarters on the market currently and the beauty of our EPS Battery Jumpstarter is that it is the SLIMMEST and uses the best rated lithium polymer battery that provides a starting current of 200A and Peak current of 400A. A fully charged battery allows up to 15 times cranking for a 3L and below gasoline car.

    The battery jumpstarter is slim and small enough to be kept in the tail segment of the tightest of bikes such as the sports models of most makes. Or simply use it as your daily day-to-day portable charger for your mobile phones, ipad etc.

    There are 5 colors to choose from: Black, Gold, Red, Blue, Silver.

    Price is at $68 each and comes with full accessories required for charging USB devices, jumpstarting cable, car charger & 230v charger.

    To order, please email to or PM me. Thank you.

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