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Interesting thread. Btw TS started this thread by cautioning against buying from private sellers. I disagree. I would rather buy from private sellers than shops. Shops are more likely to do some works to cover up defects as compared to private sellers. Sellers most likely would have checked with shops' take in price before pricing their sales. Why let shops earn if you can sell it yourself? Shops also normally take in at ridiculously low price to make money.

With regards to sellers' pricing, it is demand and supply, and up to both parties to negotiate. I personally think it is wrong to go around disturbing ppl's thread, in the name of doing justice. Everyone has their own perception of fair value. Some value Honda's reliability, some value certain Italian brands, some prefer German, some just like the bike. So they decide for themselves how much they willing to pay. You definitely can't say all bikes got ZERO value end of 10 years. Basically no matter what you or I say, the market forces will determine the sales.

Btw I found this previous thread started by the TS, highlighting the important part in bold.

Hahaha and the TS is posting unconstructive replies himself.

To others out there. You have to accept the fact: bike prices are rising, whether it's second or first hand. If you don't want to spend much on a brand new, you only have 3 options:
1) suck thumb and buy an expensive secondhand
2) don't own a bike at all
3) keep lurking at the second hand market waiting for a good deal, which you may never get what you want