Hi motorcycle rider without Iu in CBD AREA ,

I seldom went to CBD AREA with my bike, Only last FRIDAY was asked to do some banking Errand for the Company and went to park at ONE RAFFLE QUAY
BUILDING Which took me 45min to 1hrs and was charge $5.35 for parking in the Building. I make some enquiry from the security guard and was asked to
make a called person incharge and today just got through the person and inform about the charges and was told by him (no refund) that if you have no IU, the system
will regard it as a car although there a lane for bike as on HDB/URA and some other shopping centre and building where went you go to the m/c barrier it will
charge m/c charges (this is rediculous in CBD but not in other AREA for M/cycle ?) Please reply if some of you all ever had the same charges , can this be brought up to the carpark system see into it ?