Hi guys, I would like to share my experience with SSDC training schools for 2B licence. I enrolled on 01 Sep 2015 paid $53.50 for enrolment and $48.15 for the 4 basic theory lessons at the same time I booked Circuit Orientation Training on 04 Sep 2015 8:20 PM. In Orientation the instructor explained the entire process show us how to start and stop the engine, put bike on main stand and remove from main stand, how to put on side stand, how to pick up fallen bike and explain important parts on bike. Then I completed the 4 lessons in one weekend as just nice all the lessons were lined up for me. Then I booked my 1st practical on 12 Sep 2015 10:30 AM paid $27.82. For unfortunate reason I missed the class and booked another class on 22 Sep 2015 8:20 PM and pain $27.82 again. Meanwhile I attended 3 Theory Trial Test (TTT) 2 practice and one trial test. I attended 2 practice on same day and my trail test on 22-Sep-2015 7:45pm just before my 1st Practical. I cleared my trail test and booked BTT on 26 Oct 2015 8:00 PM. The TTT is $2.14 each and BTT was $6.50. You need to score at least 46 points on TTT in order to book BTT I cleared with 49 marks. Do note some questions on TTT are quite tricky unlike practice so you better read carefully and understand before answering.
My Experience on 1st Practical:
So after my TTT which finished at 8:05pm I went up to level 5 collected my number tag and put on my riding gear then we hand in our progression book to the instructors on the main desk and waited for our instructor to call 2B lesson 1. Around 8:30pm our instructor calls out for us, we went out to the circuit area the instructors welcomed us and asked who is taking 1st time? Around 8 of us put our hands up and then one instructor asked us to follow him to the side. He then explained that the people who are taking for 2nd time will go 1st and we should wait 10 min. After the other group got their bikes and went off to the small circuit our instructor asked us to follow him to the bikes. We stand at the left side of the bike and the instructor keep talking about safely and basic biking stuff which was all the same as orientation even he explain the process of licence. So at that point I realize that the orientation was useless and just waste of money. Anyways, after he was done talking he told us to hold the handle of the bike with two hands and push the bike down from the main stand. I touch the bike at around 9:15pm. Of course there were couple of people who couldn’t push the bike down and got one person who push the bike so hard that it fall down. Anyways we practice the main stand and side stand for another 15 min. At around 9:30pm we sit on the bike and start. Then we practice putting bike in 1st gear and back to neutral. Around 9:40pm instructor told us to find biting point of the bike and practice. At about 10pm then we went to the mini circuit. So for around 20 min we ride on the mini circuit in 1st gear.
After that the instructor asked us to go park the bike and wait to collect out books. About 10 min later the instructor come and gave us our books and said we need to book the 1st lesson again because we haven’t clear all the parts of the lesson 1. So I asked the instructor how come like that then he said that as we were all new we needs to slowly progress and some lessons might require us 2-3 sessions to clear that is only if you can pass all the sessions meaning to say if you fail the session you need to rebook and it might take you 4-5 session to clear the one lesson.
I booked my 2nd session for lesson 1 on 01 Oct 2015 8:30PM and paid $27.82 again.
A small tip, if you know how to ride please tell the instructor so that he don’t waste your time by teaching you things you already know specially for lesson one as the session was super basic for people who never sit on bike or ever know about how biting point works. Please remember that if you have any experience with bikes do tell the instructors so you can directly go to mini circuit.
To date I have spend around $259.26 including BTT, Defensive Riding Theory lesson 5-7, 3X TTT, Orientation and 3 practical lessons out of which I wasted one coz I missed.
I will update the post as I progress, so far few tips to speed up your process:
1- Complete your orientation ASAP
2- Book 1st practical ASAP
3- Complete basic theory lessons ASAP
4- Take the three TTT ASAP and bass
5- Then Book BTT straight away.
6- One 1st lesson tell the instructor if you have riding experience so you don’t waste one session.
So far the instructors are very friendly and hilarious, yes they do make fun of people’s mistakes but don’t take it serious coz they just want to make the learning fun they are not disrespectful in anyway.
I would like to wish all the best to those who are on the same journey as me.
And for those who are considering 2B licence, do your research and ask all the questions on orientation and also before you sign up.