Morning TA Riders !
Had the opportunity to meet a Sponsor that is producing Engine Lubricants.
He is seeking volunteer riders to test his Products.

Commitment is estimated for a period of 3 months, whereby selected participants will give feedback/s on the Performance and Fuel Economy of their individual bike after the lubricant is introduced.
These Lubricants are based on their Pioneer Formulation to provide advanced metal treatment.
Through metallurgical process, the formulation, forms a durable, polished metallic shield from the inside of your engine.
It dramatically resist wear, high pressure and extreme temperatures.
This consistent protection translates to longer engine life, increased performance and greater fuel economy.
In addition, it includes an dispersant property that cleans off existing build-up, while suspending sludge, varnish and other harmful material from affecting engine performance.
Spots for participant are limited and will be announced in due course.
Participants are invited on voluntary basis and Sponsor takes no liability for deflect/s and damages to their machine.
Stay Tuned !