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Thread: SSDC Class 2B Experience 2015

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    Default SSDC Class 2B Experience 2015

    Came here for tips... but seems like a lot of people just write 1 or 2 posts and stop completely; so I'm gonna do my own thread for any future people like myself looking to pass lessons smoothly (currently at lesson 4 - circuit assessment).


    Nothing much, just go through the lesson but note to girls: you have to learn how to handle a 100+kg bike and get it off main stand

    Lesson 1

    Part 1: Basics

    Main objective: Posture, neutral gear, slight movement at biting point

    Tip: From my experience in SSDC, getting neutral gear is difficult on problem bikes. Sometimes you won't be able to get neutral using the standard technique (i.e. tap lightly upwards from gear 1). If your bike is being a ***** when it comes to neutral, try:

    a) Going up to gear 2 and tap down lightly (for bikes which have stiff pedals, making it hard to tap upwards).

    b) When tapping up, give the throttle a very slight rev.

    c) Pulling in clutch 80-95% when tapping up.

    I have tried all the above, so yes, some of the bikes are in extremely bad conditions but you'll survive with these 3 ways.

    Part 2: Mini circuit

    Main objectives: Moving off n stopping (short distance), shift up gear, proper braking

    Tip: Biting point and throttle coordination for moving off is very important here. Always find the "feel" where your bike starts moving. Throttle and clutch-out both at same time until bike moves.

    Shifting up: Throttle a little harder and let go throttle completely before clutch-in and kick up gear before indicator cone. Dont be afraid to throttle from stopping point so that you learn the "feel" quickly.

    Braking: Agar agar the distance to start braking... Brake gently at first then harder as you slow down. Once you are almost stationary, clutch-in and stick left leg out so that the bike will sway left.
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