Hi guys,

I'll just vent my frustrations and issues here and see if any fellow buddies here could give a tip or 2.

Last week, i went to the shop (Speedy Motor)where i bought my SP at AMK to do full service. When i bought the bike which is about a month ago, he told me that once the one month warranty is almost up, you could come and we'll do for you full service.

At the shop, halfway servicing my bike. The mechanic told me that the Tao Keh said that i was paying for the full service. I was shocked and so i called the Tao Keh. We managed to make an agreement and therefore that problem is settle.

Suddenly, the mechanic tried kicking my bike to no avail. I was shocked and then he told me that he didn't touch anything therefore any issues to the bike must be paid to be replace. He then tried pestering here and there till about 7pm till my bike got running again(I came there at 11am).

A day later, i left my bike under the rain for like 20 minutes before trying to start it again. It started but then died off with the stuttering sound. It then took me about 30 minutes to get it running again and the problem arose.

I had to kick for like 30-40 minutes every single time to get it started so i decided to bring it to a nearby bike shop(had to push my bike there) Lee Huat Co. He told me that my killswitch had issues and therefore he removed it.

It worked like a charm till just now about 11pm. I tried to kick but my engine doesn't light up.

It seems like there's no spark at all to run the engine.

Any bros here care to help?
I've also tried to push start.

I've burned so much money to all the mechanics who see me as a P plate rider and ketok me

Things i've done:

Changed new sparkplug
Drained Carburettor
New Oil Seal
Serviced piston etc