Set in an idyllic valley, hemmed in by hills, the Mai Chau area is a world away from Hanoi's hustle. The small town of Mai Chau itself is unappealing, but just outside the patchwork of rice fields rolls out, speckled by tiny Thai villages where visitors doss down for the night in traditional stilt houses and wake up to a rural soundtrack defined by gurgling irrigation streams and birdsong. With Mai Chau valley tours, you will enjoy this beauty.

The villagers are mostly White Thai, distantly related to tribes in Thailand, Laos and China. Most no longer wear traditional dress, but the Thai women are masterful weavers producing plenty of traditional-style textiles. Locals do not employ strong-arm sales tactics here: polite bargaining is the norm.

In Mai Chau valley, there are many beautiful landscapes, including Mo Luong Cave. The cave is famous for mysterious stalactites. Mo Luong Cave lies inside Pu Kha Mountain in Mai Chau town and Chieng Chau commune, Mai Chau district. The main entrance to the cave is in Mai Chau town and the subordinate entrance is along the water current in Chieng Chau commune. In the Thai language, Mo Luong means big course of stream; that is the course that originates from inside the cave running out to the field in the Chieng Chau direction and where people dug a pond to retain water and thus named it Mo Luong Pond.

Meaning of the name…
Previously named as Bo Luong Cave, Mo Luong means big course of stream in Thai language. The stream is derived from the inside of Pu Kha mountain range and flow to nourish rice fields in the Chieng Chau direction where it is pooled into a reservoir named Mo Luong Lake.

An adventure of its own

Mo Luong Cave is a natural cave inside Phu Kha mountain and through the process of water erosion, blocks of limestone was eroded and formed beautiful stalactites. It stretches over 500 meters and contains 4 caverns. The main one can hold up to 400-500 people. The rest of the cave requires some skills and fitness as visitor would need to go through a tunnel and have some soft adventure experience.
Other caves in the Mai Chau area that are well worth the visit include Pieng Kem Grotto, Khau Phuc Cave and Lang Cave.
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