Hi I have a 2010 honda cbr150r old model, did a full overhaul last November, just changed the sprocket and chain, EO last month. Usually at 100kmh, the rpm is about 6k+ with minimal vibration, when I throttled to 110-120kmh, only the rpm will raise to 7k+, and I will feel the vibration, but it still responsive and powerful.

But some strange thing happen yesterday, my rpm shoot up 7k when I only ride at about 95kmh. When I throttle a little more, it has a strange feeling like the engine reached it's limit and just wont go any further, the rpm and speed just stuck at 7k and 100kmh.

Send to a bike shop at Yishun, mechanic said clutch plate problem. So I change the clutch plate, clutch cable, and EO, cost about $130. Tried a little bit on my way home to Woodlands, still feels the same high rpm but low pick up/top speed. Those old responsive, powerful, high speed lower rpm just disappear like magic.

Just wanna ask if anybody has the same experience before? Before I send it back to the bike shop again.