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Thread: Bike Stolen

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    Default Bike Stolen

    Hi, I know this is a long shot but here goes..
    My bike was stolen last friday (23/6/17) and I was wondering if any one has seen it or anything like it since. Any information will be helpful.
    Also if you could help me keep a look out for it that would be a great help as well. I already made a police report and all I can do now is wait...
    I got a feeling I probably won't be seeing my bike again :/ or in one piece at anyway

    Location stolen: Buangkok Cresent

    Model: NSR150SP
    Color: Full body candy red with orange rims
    Plate: FR8562B
    Parts: Mostly Stock
    See attached photos. Everything is the same except without the p plate.

    Any help/info will be appreciated.
    Thank You
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