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Thread: Moto Guzzi up for adoption. Not for sale............... yet.

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    Default Moto Guzzi up for adoption. Not for sale............... yet.

    Hi guys.
    I'm an Aussie, moving back home next year and looking for a new home for my V1100cc California Jackal Bobber.
    I can take it home, but I could find one there for about the same price as I've invested plus cost of shipping this bike home to Australia. I think it would be a great loss to Singapore bikers if the ONLY Moto Guzzi California Jackal Bobber left these shores. Please whats app me if you are seriously interested in this bike. 98378637. If you are looking for another model Guzzi, I might let my Bellagio Cafe Racer go too, or put you onto the SG Guzzi Group, who might have the specific model you like.
    Anyways,........... this is the Jackal.

    It's BIG, Super Cool, Impressive, has oodles of character and I'd rather have it than any Harley Davidson. (If you gave me a brand new harley, I'd sell it and get a Guzzi. Guzzis inspire TRUE LOVE at first ride and blow harleys into the weeds in every way!) The Jackal has loads of chrome, even Red Chrome tank and sidecovers. You can see your reflection in the paint. It's gorgeous!
    (Pillion seat and footpegs are also available.)

    The Bellagio is also up for adoption, but again,.......... I don't want to get rid of either bike, I LOVE them both to bits and never want to part with either, but, Like I said, I can get another one of each model when I get home to Aus next year at very cheap prices.................
    Anyway, this is what the Bellagio looks like now, and what it could look like if you wanted to covert it to the "Power Cruiser" Style. (I have the original tank and two spare seats, (One cut down for the short previous owner. (Pillion footpegs are also available.))
    EVO 940.jpg
    ................and Ducati Monster Style.............
    bella Monster.jpg
    Power Cruiser Style................
    bellagio badge.jpg

    The Bella is an absolute hoot to ride. It has a short stroke 940cc engine, with 75 horsepower, 25 more horses than the V7, 20 more Horses than the V9 and fully adjustable forks and Monoshock rear suspension. Handles like a dream over mid corner bumps, pulls like Arnold Schawzenneger as a schoolboy and brakes fast. An Awesome adrenaline junkie bike.
    Get in touch if you want to take a look. But like I said, I'm not in a hurry to part with either bike. Leaving Singapore next year. Looking for a good home for both of them. (Happy to take them with me.) What's app 98378637 for more photos or to become a member of SG Guzzisti.
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