Caberg "LEGEND" flip up modular motorcycle helmet represent the best value for money flip up motorcycle helmet in terms of features, high quality and affordable price. CABERG is made 100% in ITALY

Caberg was the first Italian manufacturer to produce a flip-up helmet and have continued to evolve through the years. CABERG LEGEND flip up helmet can be worn either as a full-face, with the rotating flip-up visor down and locked, or as a open face style helmet with the rotating visor rotated up and locked.

CABERG LEGEND flip up helmet has an aggressive styling with large, wide and long chin bar. Despite long chin bar, CABERG LEGEND flip up helmet offer better outward visibility compared to other flip-up motorcycle helmets in this price range. There are plenty of visibility out at the sides and towards the bottom of the helmet.

CABERG LEGEND flip up helmet sun visor mechanism uses the friction mechanism and is not spring-loaded.

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