I am thinking of a whatsapp chatgroup with primary focus on sharing information especially on technical issues/problems and general news and info (accidents, regulations). It is a quick response channel for help and discussions. It is non-bike specific.

It is NOT meant to be a sales channel. It is NOT meant as a round up riding groups either but meet ups are not disallowed for discussions. I am not always around for meetup n i dont really FaceBook or check mail or forum-hence the whatsapp chatgroup.

However I am rather strict on rules. And there is only one rule; RESPECT. Please allow each to voice their own opinions and do not insist your views on others. It is meant as sharing n caring group. I will issue one warning for offenders n may need to exit repeated offenders.

For those who are interested pls drop me a msg on whatsapp at 91797679, Jon.

Sharing is Caring