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Thread: Kawasaki Vulcan S

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    Default Kawasaki Vulcan S

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for khakis that is interested to get the Kawasaki Vulcan S.

    I first saw this bike in Thailand, and ever since then, I think I am hooked. I looked at all bikes in Singapore, and the only one that can match this is the VRod or Tmax, but that's overkill to me for now. Unfortunately, our Singapore distributor - Evershine does not bring in.

    I tried to call to inquire, but for 1 unit, they are not interested to do all the hardwork.

    So here I am trying my luck to see if any Singaporean peeps might be interested in this bike, and go on a journey to probably bring in the Kawasaki Vulcan S into Singapore.

    2 ways we can do this.

    1. Gather a couple of serious buyers to Evershine, and talk to them to bring in the bike for us (preferred method)
    I am not sure how many sales would make evershine do all the hardwork, but i think if we sit down and talk about it with them, they probably would consider our request.

    2. Import the bike ourselves from Johor or KL.
    (I have experience bringing in KTM duke 200, from India, back in 2011 with a group of friends met on this forum. This is very hard and tiresome work and I prefer not to go through this process again if possible. Alot of commitment needed)

    So, anyone interested?

    Why this particular bike you might say? I think this bike make sense in Singapore context. Its the next Honda Steed or Phantom or Honda Shadow.
    Economically, its not too extravagant. its only 32kRM on the road in Malaysia. That's only 10k SGD. With all the garbage costs that is needed in Singapore context, probably the total cost estimate is about 28k? maybe.

    So, you guys go take a look at youtube videos or drop by johor showroom to view the bike. Its pretty stunning especially the right colour combination. (not the black or purple popular in Johor, but the newer 2018 models found in KL)

    To me it looks like a V-Rod. But a little laid back, basic and for everyday use.

    Ok, I am just trying my luck. But heck I am serious and have the cash to pump in 100% of the cost.

    During my time importing the KTM 200, there were like 8-9 people, end up only 3 were really serious (including myself)
    So, therefore, if you are half hearted, please do not commit. Another pointer is, you need to have the capital to pay off in cash for everything.

    Thank you!
    (crosses finger)

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    hi have you bought this vulcan s?it looks good...with a NINJA 2012 650 engine ....i saw on speedzone webpage they are selling this $16500 machine price excluding COE AND tAXES.IU
    I ride at 70km/hr only...please please dont blow2 at me or overtake me dangerously....wait i change into Incredible Hulk n dont know why my little baby bike will always be ahead of u if u do that



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