Just opened only a few years, Myanmar is a country that still holds many beautiful, untouched by humans and nature. Political factors have helped Myanmar become the new destination extremely attractive on the world tourism map. However travel from thailand to burma this is a country that 89% of the population follow Buddhism (Theravada tradition) should still have the separate customs that tourists have to "obey", especially in the dress. So what to wear when traveling to Myanmar?

What to wear when traveling to Myanmar?

Choose the right outfit is very important when traveling to Myanmar
In some temples, you will see the signs stating the right outfit. Myanmar people are very tough on this issue with the locals. So when you are a tourist, will nobody to tell you about this custom, but you will be considered a lack of respect. It is therefore necessary to prepare when traveling to Myanmar is the specific research needs to wear something to fit every weather condition, the domain and local customs. If you don't know what to wear when specific to where in Myanmar, then here is a list of suggestions for you according to each destination.

Yangon is Myanmar's biggest city, the most wonderful city with indigenous cuisine flavor along Buddhist temple Schwedagon Paya. The most important thing before you visit this temple is the costume. You are not to reveal the shoulders and knees, so please wear t-shirts and long pants (for both men and women). If you do not wear clothes long enough then it can rent a sarong to wrap around people when entering the temples. In addition visitors note must remove shoes and go barefoot when entering temples to visit.

Inle Lake
Inle Lake is absolutely gorgeous part of the country Myanmar. Here, you can go cycling or driving a motorcycle around town, go boating on the Lake and watch the local fishermen who are fishing or trekking in the mountains near there.

Cycling and sailing are the most attractive activities in the region of Lake Inle. If you plan to join then please bring a pair of sandals or athletic shoes in a relaxed, comfortable clothes (t-shirts, shorts) to facilitate all activities, explore.

Bagan is the town of Myanmar's temples-one of the famous tourist spots attract countless tourists. This is where tourists can view the sunrise from the top of the Buddhist temple or the great balloon.

Like Angkor of Cambodia, the temple Tower in Bagan Tours to attract a lot of tourists. If you plan to come here or any of the temple Tower in South East Asia, please wear appropriate attire when visiting these sacred religious destination. Proper dress is covered mechanicals shoulders and knees.

Is a hot and busy city, a popular destination in Mandalay which visitors need to know is the Mandalay Hill and Royal Palace. If the price to visit temples here, you still have to wear the right outfit as the above points, but to engage in other activities, with extremely hot weather, shorts and t-shirts is allowed.