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Thread: WTS Kawasaki Versys 650

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    Default WTS Kawasaki Versys 650

    pic 2.jpgpic 3.jpgpic.jpg20131113_125846__1386700198_52858.jpgBought this bike when it was about 9 months old from previous owner, I am 2nd owner, riding it for nearly 7 yrs already. Very well maintained, was going to keep and renew COE when it ends, but bought another bike at good deal, don't want to keep 2 bikes.
    Fully tour ready, good bike for sg use too.

    Comes with lots of accessories

    1) SW motech engine guard crash bar
    2) SW motech rear rack set
    3) barkbuster hand guard
    4) Barkbuster handle bar end weight/guard
    5) SHAD rear top box
    6) GivI side box V35
    7) Forget brand, soft side bag
    8) Angel eyes spot light
    9) MRA aftermarket adjustable windshield
    10) Coolant guard
    11) scott oiler
    12} headlight protector
    13) volt meter

    Accessories alone over $2500.
    All original parts will be passed to new owner.

    2017 Alternator coil changed.
    Jan 2018 Battery change
    Oct 2018, 90,000 plus km. Top gasket change, Valve clearance, etc top overhaul check and service.
    Jan 2019 Air filter changed, headlight bulbs changed, Coolant changed
    July 2019 Front Fork servicing and change oil, New set T31 tyres. Less than 4000 km as of today.
    Aug 2019 Whole internal clutch plates, holder, spring changed.

    Cheap and affordable bike to own and maintain.
    2L engine oil
    Road tax $84 half yearly, recently paid on Nov 2019
    COE expiry 13th May 2022
    Except for some scratches on petrol tank, bike is excellent condition.

    Mileage at 128000km and counting.
    2nd owner
    Under Hire-purchase: No
    Buyer bear cost of transfer

    Selling $7200
    See to believe. Price Neg after viewing.

    It's my 2nd bike, seldom use except for peak hours traffic. Come see, you will get a good deal.
    Seldom check the app, faster to reach me via WhatsApp at 96928466
    Don't be deceived by appearance;
    Know the true essence that lies beneath,
    This is what is the most important.

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