Maybe I didn't search hard enuf, I am unable to find any contents that I'm gonna post here under 1 single page.

And here I am, after passing my 2A (June 2018), I took time to create this PDF, which I humbly hope will do good to others that may need it.
Contents ismy best knowledge and would cover enuf for the riders whom wanna take 2A/2.
New to bike riding or taking 2B would need to look elsewhere.

For class 2A/2, there are 2 practical lessons and 1 assessment. The routes are same for both, diff are the *timings (please see assessment checklist)
1.01 – Learn plank, slalom, slope and general riding.
2.01 – Learn S-Course, Crank-Course, E-Brake and Bumpy-Course
3.01 – Learn the test route, doing full course and BBDC assessment. (must pass 3.01 assessment to allow you to take TP test and must pass two weeks before test date)
The BBDC instructor will determine if you can proceed to next class or not else you need to repeat. Do not piss off at them if they fail you. Its for your own good.
After pass 3.01, you can take RV (revision class) as many time as your wallet can tahan, to improve confident for the test.
This is the assessment checklist, given to you after class 3.01, you need to pass this.
Any circle ticked means immediate failure! Accumulate 20 demerit points = fail!
Please see the PDF.

Words of advise, it is normal to repeat several times for each lessons, so DO NOT GIVE UP!
Many people, including myself, booked over 10 classes (1.01, 2.01 & 3.01) due to failure to pass each stage. The lessons will harden you, make you a safer ride.

Thanks and be a safe rider.