Sharing on behalf of a friend. Some ******* dropped her bike and didn't leave a note. Woke up Monday morning to a damaged bike... See Facebook post below for images.

Copy/pasting her description:
Some idiot dropped my bike at the car park of Blk 119/121 Bedok North Rd on the night of 8th July or morning of 9th July. I was parked at the lot circled in red in the last picture.
If you know someone who stays or parks at Blk 119 or 121 Bedok North Rd, please help me ask if they have an in-car camera and to help check if they might have a recording of said idiot dropping my bike.
Thanks everybody!

If you have dashcam footage or know of someone who may have it, please contact me or my friend directly at the contact info below:

Myself (Jay): 9zerozero76243
My friend (Ollie): via Facebook

Otherwise, please help share her Facebook post on the same!