Hi all,

Anybody encounter this problem before?

1. Bike's cruising tempt is around 95 degree Celsius
2. 1 week back, a loud cracking/bursting sound was heard whenever i crank my bike
3. 3 Days back, coming home from wilkie edge when bike tempt starts shooting to 120++ degree Celsius with the engine tempt light flashing
4. Waited for it to cool down and ride home with the temperature rising almost every second. Fans that comes on at 100 degree Celsius is working. But the audible whizzing sound
from the fan cannot be heard anymore.
5. Went down to bike shop yesterday and was told it was a coolant issue and hence flushed and change coolant.
6. Problem still persist with temperature rising fast and can feel heat from the left side slowly cooking me.

Wanted to know if anyone faces this with their bikes before sending to workshop again. Thanks in advance!