I searched the forums, but could not find anything up to date about hiring bikes in Singapore.

I'm a foreigner currently getting my 2A license (have 2B, but never actually got a bike). After this I want to get a bike primarily for recreational use, but also for commuting to work. I'm also very fired up on the idea of getting up to Malaysia for some weekend trips as well. Since I'm not sure how many years I'll stay in Singapore, and also the hassle of buying/selling used bikes, I am keen to rent a bike for the first 6 months or so.

This gives me a chance to find out if I actually will have as much pleasure from it as I hope, but at the same time it will save me the troubles of finding reputable shops for repairs/servicing etc. Most importantly, it will save me a great deal of trouble if I decide I do not wish to continue biking in Singapore, and can hand it back to the shop instead of having to go through selling it.

In this regard - can anyone give any recommendations (or definite "stay away from") for reputable shops to rent from long term? I've googled through a lot of shops and reviews, but always better to have it from someone in the know, rather than an upset tourist leaving a Google review.