Hello everyone, I need advise with regards to insurance claim amount.

I was involved in an accident on Yishun Avenue 9 opposite Esso petrol station six months ago. In short summary, I was at the right most lane at a T junction going straight. The traffic light turned green, i rode ahead and a car suddenly sped from behind and changed lane without checking his blind spot in the middle of the junction. The car hit my handle bar from the left causing me to lose control and fall. I suffered abrasions on my left palms, arm and leg. Thankfully it wasn't as serious as other accidents There were no dislocation of joints or any fractures.

So, the driver took his own sweet time to move to the left side to come out from his car. Here is the best part, he came to me and HE DID NOT APOLOGIZE OR 'SORRY' OR 'ARE YOU OK?'. I was pretty goddamn pissed. He came out with a bullshit story and said that i banged him causing damage to his bumpers and side mirror. Luckily there was a car with a camera behind to assist me in my claims and investigation. During the accident itself i took down his particulars and he took mine. Shortly after, he drove off. JUST LIKE THAT. So eventually, he wanted to settle privately and told me that a few a hundred should enuff to fix my bike and medical cost. Again, 'No sorry' and he's talking about cost and stuff. Shows how belittle he think of bikers yea?

A Traffic accident report was lodged on the day itself. And recently, the car's third party insurance offered me a sum of $2,600. The take away is $2,100. I just want to ask you guys that if you were to be in my situation, do you feel that $2.6k is enough? Or should i be asking for more? I did not sign anything at the moment because im not sure. What do you guys think? Kindly share your experiences.

Thank you all for taking your time to read this post. Really appreciate any advice given!!!