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for bajaj pulsar ns200, quite good for class 2b tho, but yea when i was looking around for my R15 to book the bike i saw quite a few second hands of bajaj pulsar ns200, at first i thought it was first hand bike hahaha, anyways i would pefer cb190r, for some reason the specs of the bike is better then cb150r to my point of view.
mm i would go for a sports bike already if my riding skills arent so new, i think i would look really weird riding sports bike but ride so slow, alot of sports bikers i see ride very aggresive one haha. I think cb150r acceleration is higher than the 190r and the abs on 150r is very tempting, but price point is still the biggest factor for me, even though 190r and 150r got better FC than pulsar, i calculated every 1050km you save 10.50sgd, assuming you buy shell95, every month save about 15 dollars.