Hello all! Recently got my 2b license and I am currently in NS and going to Ord soon.

So after I Ord I will be most likely to purchase a bike for transportation to and fro from amk to ntu for my uni studies.

I am looking for a 2nd hand bike with 3-4 years coe left because I have plans to take class 2 license but will still continue to ride class 2b bike. Mainly looking for a few things.
1) fuel consumption must be very good
2) but not sacrificing the power to overtake cars in Expressway
3) low maintenance required
4) able to put top box without sacrificing balance
5) not easily blown by winds from heavy vehicles

On top of that can anyone advice me.
Bajaj pulsar 200 vs Honda Phantom TA200
Which is better?

And also places to get a good helmet which cost lesser than 200. (hjc cl st?)