I had very bad experience at unique motorsports woodlands. I went there for a tyre change. I found out that they had installed wrong size for the rear tyre. I notified the person who ordered my tyre. Despite my doubts a, questions and showing him the tyre sticker, he is adamant that he got the right tyre for me. He kept reassuring me that it is ok, safe and won't cause any damage to my rim. He even said that it is absolutely fine to have front tyre for the rear and that they have done it for a lot of customers. He did not offer to get me the factory size. I'm not a pro rider. I just travel to and from work, going out on weekends occasionally. I don't know anything technical about biking. As I only had my bike serviced at the shop, I choose to trust him. Yes, I'm stupid for trusting him. I hate myself so much for being too trusting. After the tyre change, I picked up my wife and went home. During the ride home, I have difficulty keeping a straight line, especially at speed in excess of 80 kph. The rear also felt exceptionally heavy. I almost fell in bends and u-turn. Braking felt strange too. The whole ride felt awkward. I felt like it was not the same bike that I rode for 5 years, but a totally different one. I emailed unique motorsports (which I haven't get any reply) that night when I reach home. The next day, I called the woodlands shop to explain the problems with the wrong size that they gave me and request for a replacement. I thought I could get a replacement as they are one of the most popular, reputable bike shop. But I was so wrong. Instead of understanding my problems and recognizing safety issues. I was rebuked by the person who did my order. I became the party at fault for choosing to trust and listen to his lies during the installation. I did not get any apology, I did not get any replacement. Instead, I have to pay another 100 dollars to get the right size. This shop has no ethics, total disregard for it's customers safety. This shop does not do things the standard, by right way. Instead, they do things in whatever way is convenient and profitable for them. Unique motorsports woodlands is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Unique motorsports woodlands is a disgrace and a blacksheep to motorcycle shop that is trying very hard to do things the standard way, the safe way, the right way. Please beware.