As per title I have a few things I'd like to look into during an my unexpected stay.

TRANSPORT: I'm helping a Singaporean friend for a few months and am looking for some transport options 2 devices Bicycles or 1 scooter 125+ mainly just grocery, gym and fitness at this stage However optimistic of more

If anyone has work for me or business ideas they would like to talk to an exhiled Australian about get in touch I have much time on my hands with just fitness course on my schedule at the moment and enjoy meeting new people.

I'm traveling SE Asia looking for ideas for livelihood/business after deciding Australian beaurocracy is too much.
I'd like to fix the world in some way and get paid, but any interesting livelihood is good
I'm awaken early in morning.
I teach most anything well and ride at Instuctor level
Have helpdesk level IT skills
Multimedia training and experience to either put together a good public image for a business or manage a team.
Medical laboratory experience and pharmaceutical familiarity
Bakery cafe management and operations
Military training Australian Infantry
45 Years life experience