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Thread: Re. used motorcycle with aftermarket exhaust pipe

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    Question Re. used motorcycle with aftermarket exhaust pipe


    I bought an used motorcycle with an aftermarket exhaust pipe, the ex-owner provided me these documents

    1. a certificate from the dealer and stamped by STA inspection centre.
    2. an original invoice from the dealer
    3. a letter of inspection acknowledgment for change of vehicle particulars applicaion dated
    in Feb 2018
    4. a test certificate from STA dated in Feb 2018
    5. a test certificate from VICOM dated in Oct 2018

    Here are my questions

    1. The upcoming inspection date is in Sep 2019. Do I need to transfer the exhaust under my name prior to inspection ?

    2. If I wanted to change back the oroginal stock exhaust pipe, which provided by the ex-owner, will it need to submit an application for change of vehicle particulars and go throught the exhaust inspection again ?

    3. For changing the exhaust pipe, could I go for any motorbike shop, or I has to go to authorized shop to do it ?

    Thanks for your time

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