Hey readers,

Just asking for an opinion here. Yesterday I was riding along Punggol East by Punggol Central towards Punggol Drive. The road consist of 4 lanes. 2 of the lanes arrow (From the left) are going straight and the other 2 lanes are turning (towards Lor Halus). The traffic light's right arrow is the green-amber-red.

I didn't realise that I went into the right turn lane(2nd from the right) but my intention was to go straight. When I looked back, there was a Red Light Camera. As the traffic light went green, I proceed straight.

I am not too sure if the red light camera snapped. I also could not recall if there is any flash or not. I seemed like there wasn't any. I'm a 2B P-Plate rider and I just recently passed. I really hope nothing will happen to me.

What do you think about this?