Hi all!

I've been through several threads but I have still decided to create a new thread. The groups in existence could have different objectives

I'm looking forward to gather riders of different categories. Whether Kups, Scramblers, Tourers, or Cruisers. So long we can ride comfortably with each other

I plan to organise 1 Day trips in Johor. I have rode solo to the below mentioned itineraries

Riding : CIQ <AH18> -> Mersing <50> -> Kluang <AH2> -> Tol Skudai <AH2>
Riding : CIQ <AH18> -> Malacca Hotel[2D1N]
Riding : CIQ <AH18> -> Teluk Intan Homestay [3D2N]
Makan : Tebrau Shell <3> -> SDE <E22> - > Shortcut <Jalan Tanjung Buai> Telok Sengat

Option to ride with Malaysia Groups exist

Aim: Ride together with the same mind

Leave a reply to indicate your interest!