Hi guys, I am a class 2 rider and I was caught speeding 150kmh on a 70kmh road which means exceeding 80kmh. Got 24 points and have to attend court.
I have already finished my 1 year probation for class from the date of offense. But the hiccup here is, I got 6points during my probation period hence I am not sure if this points would affect my verdict on getting my license revoked.
According to the TP website, 1st time offender will be fine and 12 weeks suspension. Have anyone went through the same situation as mine as I am quite confused with it. Some exceed 100kmh and suspend but theirs demerit free rider however mine is such. Some say they won’t care how many points u have, depending on judge. Please advice me if anyone have overcame sucha situation and what was your verdict.
Happened has happened and am remorse but too late to be sorry. Just hoping for the best. Please help.