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Thread: Remove visor from TR06RR

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    Question Remove visor from TR06RR

    Hi guys, need help regarding removing visor from TR06RR. I have tried searching for ways to remove the visor but mostly youtube show only those helmet that have the release clip like the HJC helmet.

    But for the TR06RR helmet, it only have the black screw/stopper that hold the visor in place and have tried screwing it but end up make a dent on it.

    Checked inside of the helmet it is behind the Styrofoam of the helmet and doesn't seem to budge (like its glue on to it).

    Are there any methods or ways to remove these type of visor? Do need some help.

    Red square is the black screw/stopper that hold the visor in place


    Edit : Resolved, have figured out how to remove it
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